Thought Bubbles; a generational exchange…

FYI: this post has little to do with speculative fiction per se; nonetheless, this is where I’ve decided to post it…

Several years ago I doodled a ‘thought-bubble’ image; I was trying to write, but I was having difficulty, so I started doodling and the image flowed out of my pencil unbidden. Looking at it never fails to remind me that ideas are constantly burbling up from the subconscious; it requires little effort to grasp onto a thought as it meanders toward the surface.

The thought-bubble doodle should be visible on the top, left-hand corner of this blog screen; in case it doesn’t show on your screen (please let me know), I’ve included it below:


dbj2005; thought_bubbles








My youngest daughter, Brynne, is just finishing her third year at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and the students in one of her classes are having a gallery showing starting today (for more information on the showing, see my post at

Brynne created many pieces, and the one below (not part of the show; just a random creation) reminded me of my thought-bubble dude. I consider it an answering salvo: I’m pretty sure my dude is yelling at her dude, telling it to not go too deep; of course, her dude is mostly ignoring my dude…

ThoughtBubbleBrynne 001

baj2014; untitled








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