Aldous Huxley’s book cover art juxtaposition…

I’m quite persnickety about the appearance of books and I thought it would be an entertaining exercise to compare two book covers from the same author.

From time-to-time I’ll dedicate a post to an author who has had a book published with a cover that I admire, but has also had a book published with cover art that I find objectionable. Of course, this is a purely subjective exercise…

The first author I thought of — for no particular reason — was Aldous Huxley, and I was delighted with the artwork I discovered:  

I really appreciate this cover of Island; it is interesting and unusual, and it suits the book’s contents:   


But this cover of Brave New World is incredibly pulpy and I’d be a bit embarrassed to read it in public:



More to come in future posts…






2 thoughts on “Aldous Huxley’s book cover art juxtaposition…

  1. The cover of “Island” intrigues me — I’d check it out, based on the cover. And, I would pass right by that edition of “Brave New World!!

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