Samuel R. Delany’s book cover-art; juxtaposition…

Samuel R. Delany is one of my favourite science fiction authors; he writes with a literate quality that is unusual in genre authors.

Dhalgren is an oddly constructed masterpiece that can be quite difficult to struggle through. I managed to find my way through the tome last year and I’m of the opinion that it is a brilliant work, but I can truly understand those who think it is pretentious drivel. I’m quite fond of the vintage cover art below; it captures the mood of the novel, and the design is quite appealing:


I’m also very fond of Delany’s Return to Nevèrÿon series, but the edition depicted below (Neveryóna, the second book in the 4-book series) is not something I’d care to be seen carrying around in public. Fortunately, there are more conservative editions available…





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